Recognized Vinyl Floors As Well As The Most Popular Types Of Vinyl Types In Jakarta

Lantai Vinyl Motif Keramik

Do you know the vinyl floor? If not, here we are able to review vinyl flooring and some types of vinyl that are popular in Jakarta now.

Vinyl flooring itself is a type of synthetic floor covering which follows other types of flooring with regard to any motif. For example following the motifs of wood, stone, marble, and still often. Actually this one floor is made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which has a structure that is really smooth and elastic so easy to install.

The advantage of vinyl flooring is its durability and the price of being truly easy friends. This floor has often been liked by our citizens because it can make a place to live able to look more beautiful and with minimal capital.

Plus this floor is also really easy with the installation, you can install it yourself with the right mechanism, the installation also does not need to spend a really large cost so that you can save a budget in your pocket.

Maybe here you have been interested in the advantages of vinyl flooring to cover the floor of your residence because you want the appearance of your residence that is not the same as the others. And below are some of the most popular types of vinyl flooring lately:


1. Wood Vinyl Plank


Vinyl Motif Kayu

With vinyl rectangular shape has a width between 10-20 cm and an average length of 90-100 cm and this is a characteristic of vinyl plank(vinyl lantai motif kayu). Why is vinyl said to be wood? Because the shape and installation resembles the original wooden floor.

This wood motif vinyl flooring is made from vinyl made from small pieces of wood that use the type of wood from teak, ulin, merbabu, and so on. Vinyl Plank really like with the original wood motif to facilitate you by designing a room in your residence. And this vinyl is really fitting for the interior of a residence that has an ethnic or natural feel.

2. Vinyl Tile

vinyl tile

You don’t like using ceramic materials because they are easily rubbed or cracked? Maybe because ceramic has a hard and cold structure on the feet when on the foot. However, you don’t have to worry if you want to still want a floor that resembles ceramics you can implement vinyl tiles that really look like ceramics. This vinyl carving is also really diverse and really like with ceramics.

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Although of ceramic form, vinyl tile does not use grout. The installation of this floor covering only uses special glue / adhesive which is able to make a connection between one square vinyl flooring with another and is almost invisible. You can also ask for help from cheap vinyl manufacturers who have professional staff in regards to peng pengon or installation of vinyl tile floors. These kinds of vinyl horizontal and vertical forms that you can discuss.

3. Vinyl Roll Carpet Floor

Vinyl Roll Carpet Floor

The material used vinyl is still using PVC, while carpets generally use cotton or nylon. But this vinyl betuk is like a carpet to mention vinyl carpet. Vinyl roll also has a width of 2 mtr. while the average length is 25 mtr. which fits in your living room.

This vinyl carpet is not hairy, but it has patterns or motifs that can make you interested to do this vinyl installation without removing a very large bag because the cost of vinyl flooring is very cheap.

From the type of vinyl above you can determine which vinyl is the right fit for you and depends on your desire to want the appearance of a space like what. You can call us the so-called cheap vinyl flooring distributor who sells several types of enchanting and guaranteed vinyl.

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