Steps To Install A Vinyl Floor That Is Practical As Well As Easy

Lantai Vinyl Motif Batu

Here’s a simple tutorial if you have the intention of placing your own lantai vinyl jakarta to change the interior appearance of your residence, following;

The initial step is to prepare the floor to be installed vinyl. You have to measure the floor area to get the right amount of vinyl material. Buy a little more often as a backup if something goes wrong in the installation.
Before starting to place a floor covering, first switch a few items in the room. For furniture that is permanently attached to the wall, it must not be overhauled because the installation of floor covering can be around the furniture.
Vinyl must be declared installed on a flat floor, free of holes, waves, etc. Therefore you should implement a fundamental arrangement, for example plywood with a thickness of ¼ inches. With a smooth surface and evenly coated vinyl can be able to stick to the maximum.


If you choose vinyl tile that has a shape like ceramic with a size of 30cm X 30cm and patterned, make sure there are no mistakes in order to have a symmetrical shape. The vinyl arrangement should start on the middle side of the room and a little bit outwards until it’s over. But for sheeting in the form of sheets you have to adjust the area of ​​space so it looks neat.

if the floor to be installed vinyl has been declared flat and smooth, now is the time to implement glue. You can use a paint brush and start it from the corner of the room. Before connecting vinyl should wait a few minutes to avoid the evaporation of adhesives that can cause bubbles, so that the appearance of vinyl becomes less smooth. Don’t forget to prepare a wet cloth to remove stains or glue from the vinyl side of the top.

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The step to install vinyl tile flooring after applying glue is to place them one by one. Make sure you place the vinyl tile pieces in the right place so they don’t have to be moved or pulled. Resulting in glue can be interested too.
Vinyl flooring must be pressed firmly after applying it to the floor that has been given glue. Use a rolling pin if you have to so that the vinyl is really strong in the arrangement of the floor fundament. Continue working until it’s over.
If all your work is over, so leave it in for a few moments so the glue really dries.

For those of you who are still doubtful about using vinyl flooring, you should know that this material has several other advantages, not just an economical price, namely:

Easy to apply as in the tutorial above.

Does not require special care that is difficult. You just have to sweep and mop regularly like on a regular floor tile.
The style and color of this synthetic floor covering is really like with conventional floor covering material, so that it is almost indistinguishable when it has been applied.
Often vinyl products that are equipped with anti-slip, anti-bacterial and anti-yeast features. Surely it can reduce the water and last for up to a dozen years

What do you think? Pretty easy isn’t it. Hoping that this vinyl flooring step is useful for you. If you feel trouble, you can call us for further information, or we provide vinyl flooring service, the cost can be reached with the best installation quality, of course …

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