This is the Curtains Function at Home

This is the Curtains Function at Home

Someone’s comfort while in a room is influenced by a variety of factors, some of which are how the function of the room is designed and how the room’s decor is arranged. Therefore, when we renovate or build a house we need a consultation from an interior designer so that the function of each room in the house can be maximized according to the needs and habits of the occupants of the house.

Benefits of window curtains   in the room

One of the decorations in the room or house is curtains or curtains, here are some benefits that can be obtained by installing curtains at home:

  • Curtains to close the window

Curtains have the function to close the window, usually curtains for window coverings have two parts, namely thick curtains on the outside and  blinds  on the inside which is usually a thin white curtain. In practice, usually during the day we only use vertical blinds and at night just use thick curtains.

  • Curtains to maintain privacy and security

Jugu window curtains have a function to maintain privacy and security, by installing  blinds  or thick curtains we can reduce access or the view of outsiders or neighbors into the house.

  • Curtains for home lighting

The presence of curtains is also an alternative to adjust the intensity of light entering the room or house, you just open or close  blinds  or thick curtains according to your needs. The indirect effect is that it will save electricity usage at home because it minimizes the use of lights in the room.

  • Curtains for home decoration

Judged curtains have a function of decoration, therefore the color of the curtains is usually adjusted to the color of wall paint at home. Curtains are also one of the large objects that will certainly attract the attention of people who come to the house, therefore we should not arbitrarily choose curtains.

Those are some of the benefits that you can find from installing window curtains in your house or room, don’t forget that you also have to routinely clean the curtains at home to reduce dust at home.

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